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Birthdays and a new writing blog entry, The Twighlight of Manhood January 9, 2009

Posted by Steve in Uncategorized.

The logic of the world’s calculating engines declared this day to be my 46th birthday. I plan to spend it quietly, eating at one of my favorite pizza places and getting mildly drunk. I won’t be allowed to get too drunk as a snow storm is predicted for this evening and I want to be able to drive.

After spending time with in the real world with family, and perhaps shopping for a Wii, I might spend a bit of time in SL tonight, eating a virtual cake and/or more pizza.

I put up another entry in my writing blog as a hold over while I work on AuroraSkye’s. This one, called Twilight of Manhood, was an award winning entry from an in-world writing contest.



1. Wildstar - January 9, 2009

happy birthday Alphonsus !

2. Mykyl - January 9, 2009

Have a Happy! 🙂

3. AuroraSkye - January 10, 2009

Oh Happy Birthday to you (sorry I am a day late …. “and a dollar short…”)

I hope you had a great day!!!!

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