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This is a Blog Post!!!! Yes!!! January 29, 2009

Posted by Steve in diary, philosophy, princess ivory, reflections.

chapters-3-6-or-fairytales_006Princess read again yesterday, and it was, again, a remarkable reading.  It is one thing to read a story, but quite another to give it life.  Princess does that, and she particularly shined with her reading of “Wolf” from The Rose and the Beast.

I’ve been hanging out in Grizzy’s Cafè before I go to sleep of late.  Last night was fantasy creature night, and you were supposed to show up as your favorite fantasy creature.  I’ve never really felt a strong inclination to be a being other than human, so I just told everyone that Second Life allows me to fulfill my fantasy every time I’m in-world simply because I have hair.

Yes, it’s a small thing, but we all have visions of who we are in our heads, and my vision of who I am happens to have a full head of hair.  As a result I am usually somewhat surprised by that bald guy looking back at me in the mirror in TAW.  Alphonsus is much more how I see myself.  I feel much more “me” being him.

I just published the last installment of Feline Blue, and now I feel like trying to explain it further and writing short, scientific articles about some of the other stuff I’ve thought about throughout my life.  I have a theory as to how the speed of light is related to the size of the universe, and should therefore not be a constant but should increase as the universe expands.  I have another theory which explains why time travel could never exist as it does in the movies.  Alas, the two theories contradict each other, so something’s got to be wrong somewhere.

I also want to expound further on my Uncertainty Theorum, from which my statement that nothing can be provable beyond unreasonable doubt was derived.

So, if you are not someone interested in science or philosophy, odds are pretty good that my next entries into my Written Word blog will bore you to tears.  It will, however, be more fresh stuff; not stuff that I’ve recycled from years gone by.

I never had the chops to be a mathematician.  I had a horrible teacher for Calculous II and I never really recovered after that.  I did have the chops to be a computer programmer, a philosopher, a writer, or a scientist of some sort.  So, naturally, I ended up as a librarian.  I simply took the path of least resistance.  I know how to think, but motivation has never been my strong point.  Oh well.

Today is my step-daughter’s 21st birthday (this is the person also known as PFKAT – Person Formerly Known As Teenager).  At long last she is an adult in every legal sense, and in many emotional and intellectual senses as well.

Well, I have early meetings today, so I should be getting ready for work.  Later, peeps.




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