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Night Adventures October 3, 2009

Posted by Steve in Uncategorized.

A little to much alcohol.  A little too much food.

We fall asleep, wishing all the world to be at peace.

Shift several hundred miles.  One of the most worthwhile people I know suffers from feelings of lack of worth.  Words, the most powerful things that man has ever invented, are powerless to help.  Words lose their magic when the heart stops listening.

Kittens are killed.  Why?

Shift on a quarter of a world.  Another friend tries to recover.  Here the power of words to deceive and to fabricate have caused pain.  The artist uses lies to reveal truths.  The politician uses lies to conceal them.  Truth is, but our ability to know it in full is always suspect.  We are very limited beings.

Shift half a world.  Another friend reaches out.  The power of words fail yet again.

Come full circle.  Half the bed slumbers restlessly.  The other types out words to express his personal angst.  Words are man’s most powerful tools.  A few tiny, simple ones can set lives and worlds in turmoil.  Pages of words as truths spill out emptily into the night.  Little contemplated.  Barely read.

A sword that cuts through the empty air makes a satisfying whose to the one who wields it.  The sword, too, is a powerful weapon.  But a weapon is useless unless the target knows of it and feels it.

I send out these worlds to help heal my friends and to help heal the world.  They are weak and not enough.  But they are all that I have.

And the writer returns to slumber restlessly on.



1. Mykyl - October 4, 2009

/me bows her head to you.. and hears your words.

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