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October 4, 2009

Posted by Steve in Uncategorized.

Early morning in Frankenmuth.

We had a nice day yesterday.  Of course, we ate WAY too much.  Such is life in this town.

Did some shopping but didn’t buy much.  We found a shop called the Enchanted Forest that was full of Fairies and Mermaids and other fanciful creatures.  Scarily Second Life-ish.  Princess wanted to buy out the whole store.

I don’t understand the purpose of king-sized beds.  They are so large that you can lose your partner in it.  Oh well.  I guess some people like it that way.

Nothing much to say really.  Just felt like typing.  Reminding everyone to find the joy.  It is ALWAYS there, somewhere.




1. richard_alonzo - November 11, 2009

I put Peck’s Steampunk Skyboxup for sale on XStreet. I really need an in-world store for selling this stuff. I’m wondering if Alphatest would rent me some of her land for commercial purposes? I plan to put out a bunch of rezzers so you can see my stuff in toto without using too many prims. I will, however, have to build a rezzer because I’m too cheap to buy one. The skybox is the largest single item I’ve ever tried to sell, extending 37 meters from end to end, so it eats up a bit of space. I might make a smaller one, but then again I might not. People would expect to pay less for a smaller one. Odd how psychology works that way. It would have exactly one less prim and be more work to create, but they would expect it to cost less. Silly wabbits.
Forgive my ignorance, but could you translate this into american for me? The design is mechanically glorious, and the blog on Darwin is fascinating, I just can’t make sense of things like prim and rezzer.

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