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Aaaannnd Four Years Later May 17, 2014

Posted by Steve in diary, introduction.

It may seem odd, my going back to a blog that I haven’t updated in four years.  So much has happened since my last post in 2010 that it would be ridiculous for me to even try to catch up.  What’s more, Alphonsus, the Second Life character upon whom this whole blog thing originally started, has more or less gone into complete hibernation. Now he only comes on for five minutes about once a week to give Hestia money to support her not too overly lavish lifestyle.

Nevertheless, I’ve been journaling off and on, and after I went online to try to import some of my old journal entries into the private Evernote journal that I’ve been keeping, I got interested in some of my old stuff.  Without undue humility, I must say that some of the things I wrote as Alphonsus all those years ago were pretty danged good, and while my followers weren’t overly plentiful, I also have to admit that the small feedback I got from the public postings made my journalling much deeper and interesting that the stuff I’ve been keeping in my private notes.

So I’m back.  I think.  I will attempt to create entries on a regular basis here.  I will also try to rename this journal as Steve’s Random Drivel (if I can do so without changing the url I am using), as Alphonsus Peck is not likely to come out of mothballs any time soon.  In Second Life, Hestia has become my main personality, and Hestia isn’t really the journalling type.  I may go into the reasons for this change in a later post, but suffice it to say that there have been many non-trivial changes in my life since my last entry and that Hestia is filling my needs better than Alphonsus ever could at this time.

So, what are some of the most important things I should mention…hmmm.  Well, first of all, Princess Ivory and I have permanently separated, both in Second Life and in real life.  We are still friends and still get along fine, but I think we’d both agree that the possibility of reconciliation is pretty much zero at this point.  While it may seem strange, much of what Alphonsus was is related to what Princess was, and the loss of Princess in the relationship may have had something to do with my reluctance to bring Alphonsus out of mothballs.

Secondly, rather than filling up my Written Word and Random Drivel posts with my atheistic musings, I now run a Tumblr blog as the Skeptical Avenger with over 6,000 followers and growing.  On Tumblr I can chat to my heart’s content about my religious thinking without boring my real life friends about it.  Suffice it to say that my Tumblr blog is a big part of who I am these days, and it feels good to be one of the most popular atheists on that platform.

Third, I’ve lost about 70 pounds in Real Life (which will be the default place I will speak from from this point on).  I am currently fighting to keep from gaining too much of those 70 pounds back, and that too is a struggle I also will speak of on another day.

It feels much better to journal to the open world…to real people, than it does to keep my musings to myself.  I am much more thoughtful and and introspective of the kind of things I say in a public forum.  While I realistically know that there will be few, if any, of my old friends who are still following me at this point, I’ve no doubt that eventually I will find others in time.  And honestly, it doesn’t matter too much if I don’t.  Even speaking to the world in general feels much better than speaking only to myself.

Wishing peace to all,

~ Steve



1. Jeyna Grace - May 18, 2014

Welcome back!

Steve - May 19, 2014

Thank you. 🙂

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