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Just When Things Started Getting Interesting May 25, 2014

Posted by Steve in diary.

My life has been, without doubt, very interesting.

It is said that the phrase, “May you live in interesting times,” is an old Chinese curse.  It isn’t.  But that doesn’t make it a less effective curse nonetheless.

I’m really kind of a meek and mild librarian type.  I’ve never really tried to have an interesting life.  Sure, I wouldn’t mind skydiving or stuff like that, but that’s all kind of safe and controlled and calculated-type risks.  I brought a “little” of the stuff that happened to me on myself, I think, but that was just me trying to live a normal life.  “Interesting” was never really the planned outcome.

For example, saying I played a game at an arcade really isn’t at all fascinating, but my sole intention was to play a quick game and then go to do other uninteresting things.

The fact that game I wanted to play involved an arm wrestling machine might add a slight modecum of interest to my arcade adventure, but still one that would noone would write home about.

The fact that the machine broke my arm, though, THAT’S where things start to get interesting.  I never planned that.  I never even dreamed that it was possible.

The fact that the break was so bad (a spiral fracture) that it required surgery and a plate put into my arm makes the story more interesting still.  This would be enough had it just stopped there.  But no.  Hell no.  The more interesting stuff just keeps coming and coming.

What happened next was another intended-to-be-uninteresting event of my accompanying my then wife to a blood donation a few weeks after my surgery.  Soft gurneys.  Nurses all over the place.  And they check your blood pressure and iron and all that stuff before they even stick a needle in you.  It’s not the place where you’d expect interesting events to unfurl.

But when your wife takes a nose dive off the gurney upon sitting up, well, that’s where interesting things start starting.  Add in the fact that she gets a concussion and it gets interesting as hell.  She gets a ride in an ambulance because my arm is still in a sling and can’t drive.

Well, she couldn’t drive either.  Not for a couple of months.  And there we are with two non-driving, dependent children and my parents out of town for another week.  There I was, looking forward to a few months off of work to do whatever the heck I wanted to do, and instead I end up taking care of my wife with a traumatic brain injury because someone has to.

And that’s just the headlines of the events.  The details are interesting too.  As are the details of the details.  It’s kind of a fractal of ever more minute interesting things.

That was just one event.  I have another dozen or so life-events of equal if not greater interest.  As a rule, most of these interesting things sucked.

So seriously, FUCK interesting.  I’ve had MORE than my share of interesting things happen in my life.  I want to go with boring and conventional from this point forward.

But curses don’t work like that.  I’m afraid that my life shows every promise of remaining interesting indefinitely.

le sigh

~ Steve



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