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Journal entry for Jul 2, 2014 July 2, 2014

Posted by Steve in diary.

Well, according to the “great time and life hacks” thing, I’m supposed to write about one great experience I had each day. I suppose that this is supposed to inspire you to have great experiences, but this being the first day, I didn’t feel particularly inspired.

Sooo, I guess my great-ish experience would be that I managed to kinda work on my book and kinda be in Second Life at the same time. Of course, my concentration wasn’t too good in either one. I got Ellena a little bit stuck in Chapter two. This was Alex’s worst chapter as well. Somehow I have to have Ellena’s current life implode on her, and I don’t think Alex’s method, imperfect as it was, would apply to Ellena at all.

I’m hoping to get some inspiration to magically appear out of nowhere. While this might not sound like the best strategy, it has been a rather effective one. Ellena can go in much different directions than Alex ever did, and I already think the first chapter is much, much better than Alex’s. I have hopes for the second chapter as well; I doubt it could be worse, in any case.

Later, oh my many followers.

~ Steve



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