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Journal entry for Jul 3, 2014 July 3, 2014

Posted by Steve in Uncategorized.

It’s kinda nice just kinda sitting out here on my porch doing the whole journal posting thing. This in itself could count as the day’s great experience. There’s a bit too much traffic on Oxford and people never do a full stop at the stop signs, but I suppose I’d get used to that after a while. It’s a pleasant night…not too cool, not too warm. I’m out here with my Corona Light and kinda interacting with the real world as I do whatever it is I do on this computer out here.

Ellena is still stuck where she was…I haven’t gone back to write yet and I haven’t worked out what her difficulty would be in my head yet. It’s going to be too cool to be out here much longer and work out her problems, or work her into them, as the case may be.

Another “great” experience I guess would be that I got the printer to connect wirelessly to the network, which means I can roll up the long blue cable from hell sooner or later. At least I got it to print one test page and another non-test page without difficulty, so I’m declaring it a success.

I took my mom to the cardiologist and he told her that there was absolutely nothing wrong with her EKG and that her circulation is excellent. He thinks that the pain that she’s having may be related to her tooth problem that they won’t fix. While her teeth do not hurt (the roots are dead), the damned things are causing enough problems throughout the rest of her body that I think that they should def be pulled.

Back to the cardiologist, he’s going to have her do one of those treadmill stress tests. She’s not worried about it and neither am I.

Enough for now,

~ Steve



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