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Journal entry for Jul 6, 2014 July 6, 2014

Posted by Steve in diary.

I got more compliments from people about my sermon last Saturday at NWUU church today, and this made me feel as good today as it did last Saturday.  It was an important topic to me and I feel so validated that I was able to communicate it to the people in the congregation.  Ralph told me that he recorded it (he may have missed the first several seconds but whatever) and I also heard Kimi tell him that it should go on the website.  Unfortunately the website seems to have stopped having sermons posted in February.  Perhaps the person who used to post them froze to death?  In any event, I guess I should not put too much hope in my being able to listen to and share my talk with anyone anytime soon.

I guess I could also call it a great experience that I got the frickin’ lawn mowed.  The actual experience of mowing it continues to suck, but not having to mow it or look at it again for another week does warm my heart.

I’m continuing to try out my Meat Free Threeday™ experiment with continued success.  I’ve made a batch of my crushed lentil soup with vegetable broth rather than chicken broth.  I doubt very much that the taste will be significantly different, but I think the look will be.  I don’t know why or how but the soup I made with the chicken broth always turned out green, despite having clear broth, red lentils, white onions, and slightly yellow lemon juice.  None of these things are green, nor does it seem like any of main ingredients would mix to be a green color.  The vegetable broth however was a very distinct brownish-red, and the soup is looking much redder so far as well.  It should be interesting eating a red crushed lentil soup rather than a green one, but I suppose that that doesn’t mean a lot on the big scheme of things.

Well, that’s enough for today.  Toodles, noodles, and poodles to my many followers.

~ Steve



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