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Journal Entry for Jul 10, 2014 July 11, 2014

Posted by Steve in diary.

Today actually went pretty excellently well. I cleaned more of the kitchen, including the area in front of the microwave. It is now possible to actually open the door of the microwave all the way now! I shit you not!

I also cleaned out Frankie’s recycles/returnables collection and tackled that side of the sink. Disgusting. The next dishwasher run is going to include the drying rack and pad thing underneath.

I watered the grass in front of the house. That was a bit of an adventure, because no matter what I did I couldn’t get the thing to stop watering the side of the house, which I do not want to grow any further than it has. After about 15 minutes of manipulation I got it perfect enough. I got a little wet in the process but sacrifices must be made.

I mixed up some vinegar and soap and salt and squirted the sidewalk grass. It didn’t burst into flame with every squirt, but I’ve come to accept that gardening is rarely that exciting.

Most interesting thing I did was join 3 other people for a jog along the waterfront in Detroit today. It was lots of fun, and the water walk was an amazingly nice area that I had never seen before in the city.

~ Steve



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