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The Three Rules of Spreading Information (or something) August 3, 2014

Posted by Steve in diary, Unitarian Universalism.

Journal Entry for Sun, Aug 3, 2014

So Kimi taught us this three word thing at UU today.  First, is every bit of information we pass on to someone else True?  Second, is what we are passing along Kind?  Third, is passing it along  Necessary?

I like these guidelines, and I have some thoughts on them.  First, knowing the whole truth about something is often difficult.  Some people are better at it than others.  Second, if you determine that something to pass around is both truthful and necessary, then the real challenge is finding a way to say it kindly.  Kindness is in my view the most difficult of the three.

How to be appropriately kind is not something that comes easily to most people.  Kindness must be taught.  However, is something is both true and necessary, well, in my view that overrules kindness.  Be as kind as you know how to be, but if you can’t think of a way to deliver the message kindly, well, the message must still be delivered.  That’s where that “necessary” comes in.

I’m taking notes during the services again.  I really think that this will be a good thing.

~ Steve



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