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Blogs versus Journals August 5, 2014

Posted by Steve in diary, random, reflections.

Blog Entry for Aug 5, 2014

The difference between a blog and a journal…well, ONE of the differences between a blog and a journal, for there are many…is that a Blog can be written at any time of day about whatever the fuck I want.  A journal has to wait for the end of a day, because it tries to accurately track what happened during the day, and all the happened aren’t finished until the day is finished.

Another difference is that blogs can be interesting whereas journals tracking life events can be as boring as hell.

Because, let’s face it.  My librarian life, while no doubt coveted by almost all of the world population, is not the deep thinking and interesting event things from which an interesting journal can be built.  With a blog, I can still talk about my life, but I don’t freakin’ have to.  The awesome potential therefore is much higher.

As for daily life, because I feel like talking about it, I’m going out for heavy drinking tonight with Bob, Laura, and Betsy.  It promises to be fun, but as I’m reading “how not to be boring” books and articles, I have hopes that I may be a touch more interesting and a hair more in the direction of being a sparkling conversationalist.  These skills will certainly be needed after I publish my book and become world renowned and will be capable of crushing the world under my thumb if I want to.  (I won’t want to, so my followers may rest assured about that.)

Reading the books, if nothing else, keeps my mind engaged at all kinds of possibilities of the exciting life I will one day lead.

But enough for that.  On to more self-perfecting.  Tootles and Oodles of Noodles.

~ Steve



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