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Whose in charge? August 7, 2014

Posted by Steve in diary, labeling, rants.

Blog Entry for Wed, Aug 7, 2014

Whose versus Who’s.  Yes, I did that thing, up there in the title.  I used the wrong word.  Grammar Nazis take notice.  This is a declaration of war.

I no longer feel bound to the artificial chains in writing referred to as “correct grammar.”  Any language that declares both ‘live’ and ‘live’ to be different words does not deserve my respect.  (One is pronounced with a long I sound, like eye.  The other is pronounced with a short I sound, like in give.  Which is which?  Exactly!)

Yeah, I’m still going to use the correct grammar and spellings and stuff for the most part.  But all of those ridiculous rules?  Who the hell made up those rules, anyway?  Why do they get to say that something must only be written this way and not that way?  It’s entirely arbitrary, cemented in by busy-bodied-fuss-budgets more than a century ago.

We, humanity, are the creators of the words. The words are there to do OUR bidding. The words do not command us.

If I think I can better express an idea through the use of non-words, wrong words, or incorrect grammar, than I declare my right as human to do so.

I’ve been a Grammar Nazi myself from time to time, but no longer.  There, They’re, or Their?  I don’t like any of them.  Why not Thair (air as in air).  I’m not going to discriminate against someone because they didn’t have the proper education or because they have a harder time learning arbitrary-ness.  Did they communicate clearly enough for me to understand it?  Yes?  Then shut-up about your “thairs” and try to see if you can find a point in the post with the incorrect word meant.  Can you?  Cool.  Now don’t chide the person for using the wrong version of identically pronounced words.

Too tired to continue my rant.  Too bad, ‘cuase it’s a good one.


~ Steve



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