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The Temptation to Believe in a God August 14, 2014

Posted by Steve in diary, reflections.

You know, sometimes, when a series of bad events happen in a sequence, there is a temptation to believe in a god, if for no other reason than to have an actual thing to blame.  In reality, I’m just living life on the bottom of the bell curve.  Someone has to be there, and I guess it’s my turn.

What are the odds that I would stupidly drive my car into a telephone pole less than a week after Kaylee totals her car, and to have all this happen within the same pay period where I finally decided to take out more credit to top off my emergency fund?  And what’s more, to have all of these things happen within just a little over two weeks of having a $750 charge to get my car properly repaired?  What were the odds against Francesca being arrested on a bogus charge a week after she was beaten by her boyfriend?  And what are the odds against having her iPhone stolen a week later?

And then to have Kaylee’s phone fail to charge and need to have a warranty  replacement, and to have my phone’s battery fail and almost get it replaced the same week?  And then to return the replacement phone and to STILL not have the refund for it?

And then to have to have Francesca move INTO the house because of mold in the sun room during the same time period where Kaylee might have to make a choice to continue to live in my home over her mother’s.

Shit piled on shit piled on shit.  It just never ends.

It would be nice to have a god to blame for all this shit.  But I still think that the probability of one existing is far, far lower than having a random sequence of shitty events happening after each other.

Still, it would be nice…just sayin’

~ Steve



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