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Whose in charge? August 7, 2014

Posted by Steve in diary, labeling, rants.
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Blog Entry for Wed, Aug 7, 2014

Whose versus Who’s.  Yes, I did that thing, up there in the title.  I used the wrong word.  Grammar Nazis take notice.  This is a declaration of war.

I no longer feel bound to the artificial chains in writing referred to as “correct grammar.”  Any language that declares both ‘live’ and ‘live’ to be different words does not deserve my respect.  (One is pronounced with a long I sound, like eye.  The other is pronounced with a short I sound, like in give.  Which is which?  Exactly!)

Yeah, I’m still going to use the correct grammar and spellings and stuff for the most part.  But all of those ridiculous rules?  Who the hell made up those rules, anyway?  Why do they get to say that something must only be written this way and not that way?  It’s entirely arbitrary, cemented in by busy-bodied-fuss-budgets more than a century ago.

We, humanity, are the creators of the words. The words are there to do OUR bidding. The words do not command us.

If I think I can better express an idea through the use of non-words, wrong words, or incorrect grammar, than I declare my right as human to do so.

I’ve been a Grammar Nazi myself from time to time, but no longer.  There, They’re, or Their?  I don’t like any of them.  Why not Thair (air as in air).  I’m not going to discriminate against someone because they didn’t have the proper education or because they have a harder time learning arbitrary-ness.  Did they communicate clearly enough for me to understand it?  Yes?  Then shut-up about your “thairs” and try to see if you can find a point in the post with the incorrect word meant.  Can you?  Cool.  Now don’t chide the person for using the wrong version of identically pronounced words.

Too tired to continue my rant.  Too bad, ‘cuase it’s a good one.


~ Steve


Drama and Unjust Accusations October 30, 2007

Posted by Steve in diary, rants.


In an earlier post, “Cluelessness as the Key to Success,” I stated that I, essentially, am not good at staying angry at people. As a corollary, I think it can safely be assumed that I try to avoid drama at all costs.

This does not stop drama from occurring all around me, however, and it does not keep me from occasionally being drawn into the middle of it, despite my best efforts.

One thing I hate more than drama is injustice. An injustice done unto me I can disregard. An injustice done unto another I have a much, much harder time ignoring.

And it is more or less impossible to talk about the problems without naming names. So let me say this as quickly and as simply as possible.

FD, Princess did NOT offer to try to sell your products with profits for herself in mind. She offered to sell your products in an attempt to help you and to help you realize your self worth. Some of your products are too good to be kept to yourself. The Princess is good at marketing. She was offering to give floor space for your stuff, create advertising copy, take photos, upload textures, and in essence do all the work of selling your things for you. In return, she was asking for a mere 10% commission, partially to help offset upload and labor costs, and partly because she felt it was very fare considering the work she was offering to do. Any profits she got from the sales would be miniscule and not worth her efforts. She was doing it as an offer of friendship, and for no other reason.

FD, when Princess talked to you after your argument with our then mutual friend, YOU initiated the contact. The Princess talked to you for well over an hour, giving you her full attention, and genuinely trying to help as best she could. When she saw that the conversation was getting circular and she could see no way of resolving the conflict, she tried to break off the conversation easily. I can remember her RL self saying, “He said, ‘Sorry for wasting your time.” I didn’t say he was wasting my time at all!” She was flabbergasted and frustrated. She was trying to help someone whom she considered to be a good friend, and felt she was getting her hand bitten in the process.

As for her “ignoring” you, the Princess is painfully shy and likes to hide. It takes her a long time to warm up to many people. Many of the posts in her own blog talk about this very issue.

The reasons for the Princess’s anger are that she feels that she did everything she could to be a friend, and her gestures of friendship were publicly and unjustly twisted acts of greed and selfishness.

Yes, she is my wife. Yes, I am defending her. But I can fairly say that she had done nothing, NOTHING, to deserve what you accused her of, and nothing that indicated that she was anything but a friend to you. She was genuinely hurt when she felt you turned on her, and even more hurt when you took her off your friends list.

This is all I plan to say on the matter. What I’ve said is not the truth as I see it, but as I KNOW it to be. I’m not open to debate, and I will tolerate no drama in the comments to this post. I don’t know what your argument with our mutual friend was, and I only care in so far as the outcome has somehow caused an explosion in the midst of my little circle of friends, and I, for one, can do without the heartache.


Now I’ve got a RL funeral to worry about, and am still making a serious effort to try to lift myself from my own depression. I am desperately hoping that I won’t have to worry any more about all this bullshit.