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Blogs versus Journals August 5, 2014

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Blog Entry for Aug 5, 2014

The difference between a blog and a journal…well, ONE of the differences between a blog and a journal, for there are many…is that a Blog can be written at any time of day about whatever the fuck I want.  A journal has to wait for the end of a day, because it tries to accurately track what happened during the day, and all the happened aren’t finished until the day is finished.

Another difference is that blogs can be interesting whereas journals tracking life events can be as boring as hell.

Because, let’s face it.  My librarian life, while no doubt coveted by almost all of the world population, is not the deep thinking and interesting event things from which an interesting journal can be built.  With a blog, I can still talk about my life, but I don’t freakin’ have to.  The awesome potential therefore is much higher.

As for daily life, because I feel like talking about it, I’m going out for heavy drinking tonight with Bob, Laura, and Betsy.  It promises to be fun, but as I’m reading “how not to be boring” books and articles, I have hopes that I may be a touch more interesting and a hair more in the direction of being a sparkling conversationalist.  These skills will certainly be needed after I publish my book and become world renowned and will be capable of crushing the world under my thumb if I want to.  (I won’t want to, so my followers may rest assured about that.)

Reading the books, if nothing else, keeps my mind engaged at all kinds of possibilities of the exciting life I will one day lead.

But enough for that.  On to more self-perfecting.  Tootles and Oodles of Noodles.

~ Steve


New Random Drivel August 4, 2014

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Journal Entry for Mon, Aug 4, 2014 (maybe)

I don’t know where I want to go with this post.  I do know that just posting about what happens to me from day to day is boring as hell.  I don’t like it, and it’s not likely that anyone else would like it either.  More importantly, it’s not doing the thing it’s supposed to do for me, which is to help me remember the good things without dwelling on the bad.  For me, creative, FREE writing IS a good thing.  When I do that, I’m doing my one good thing for the day.

So anyway, I’m writing this book, right?  And I’m thinking about my main characters.  The problem is I have so many ideas that I’m trying to bring them all into this work.  I have the Goddess, who I’d have to work into the story and I seem to be doing that in my head whether it’s a good idea or not.  I mean, I have the psychologist being the goddess, the Goddess being the goddess, and now I’m thinking of making freakin’ Charlene into the Goddess.  Making Charlene the goddess would give me the opportunity to use some of Hestia speak in the novel, but on the other hand Charlene is pretty decent the way she was.  She doesn’t really NEED Hestia speak.  So, what the hell.  You know?

Not sure what I’m going to do.  Even as I sit here writing about why that would be a bad idea, my brain is still churning out ways to make it possible.  You know, if I would just sit and WRITE the damned thing already, I wouldn’t be having these problems.

Anyway, that’s enough for tonight.  Lots of other stuff to fall less behind in.



The Three Rules of Spreading Information (or something) August 3, 2014

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Journal Entry for Sun, Aug 3, 2014

So Kimi taught us this three word thing at UU today.  First, is every bit of information we pass on to someone else True?  Second, is what we are passing along Kind?  Third, is passing it along  Necessary?

I like these guidelines, and I have some thoughts on them.  First, knowing the whole truth about something is often difficult.  Some people are better at it than others.  Second, if you determine that something to pass around is both truthful and necessary, then the real challenge is finding a way to say it kindly.  Kindness is in my view the most difficult of the three.

How to be appropriately kind is not something that comes easily to most people.  Kindness must be taught.  However, is something is both true and necessary, well, in my view that overrules kindness.  Be as kind as you know how to be, but if you can’t think of a way to deliver the message kindly, well, the message must still be delivered.  That’s where that “necessary” comes in.

I’m taking notes during the services again.  I really think that this will be a good thing.

~ Steve

Outrageously expensive car repair bills are good for the soul July 31, 2014

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Journal entry for Thu Jul 31, 2014

Anyway, today started out well ’cause I got my paycheck.

It got a little rougher when I got a bill for $768 from the car repair place; ’cause that was really a significant hunk of my paycheck.

It was a good thing though, because it forced me to break the dam and finally accept the fact that more debt was necessary.  I just took the money out of my bank’s line of credit, paid off the car bill, refilled my emergency fund, and put some balances in some of my other categories.  This is a tremendous relief.

I also had chocolate almond cereal for dinner, and it’s hard to feel bad with chocolate almond cereal.


~ Steve

I Killed a Fly! July 29, 2014

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Journal Entry for Tue Jul 29, 2014

Man and rolled up refrigerator model once again conquers nature.  I mortally wounded the fly on one of my rubber coasters, and found him wounded on the floor 5 minutes later.  I delivered the coup-des-grâce and gave her a funeral in the trash.

Of course, if man keeps conquering nature the way he’s been doing it of late, soon the lack of enough nature will conquer man.

Had a wonderful time drinking at Kelly’s Irish Pub with Betsy tonight.  Two Irish whiskeys and some miniature corn dogs.  A decent day over all.

~ Steve

What is this letter ‘p’ doing in the corner of my blog entry thing?


Journal entry for Mon Jul 28, 2014 July 28, 2014

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Kinda depressed at the moment.  Trying to think of something great that happened today is not easy.

I guess that I was very productive at work.  That’s something.  And my fajita’s came out pretty good tonight.

That’s enough

~ Steve

Journal Entry for Sun Jul 27, 2014 July 27, 2014

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FREAKIN’ YAY!  I finally got it so I can log into WordPress through Firefox!  I had to delete all my cookies, but that’s fine.  I imported my cookies from Chrome anyway, so some were probably screwed up.  I was almost ready to give up on Firefox over this little issue.

Anyway, it’s been a productive day.  Went to church, mowed the lawn (which was miserable, hot work), washed the dishes and dried the towels.  The biggest thing I did was finally work with Camilla’s budget document.  I found a rather major error there.  It was around $400 on the previous document and around $500 on the current.  The spreadsheet was taking from the monthly gross rather than the monthly total after taxes.  It turns out that my regular expenses net me about $74 a month. Not gonna get an apartment with that kind of money.

Well, it was a big to-do item, and that’s out of the way now.

So all in all a good day.

~ Steve

Journal entry for Sat Jul 26, 2014 July 26, 2014

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Didn’t get enough sleep last night, and it kinda reflects a down-ish thing.  Not as hyper as I was.  Just tired.  Ran a 10k tonight, way too sweaty.  Exhausting.  My shirt must have been 2 pounds heavier from the sweat alone.  I got a lot of stuff done, I just can’t remember most of it.

Meh.  This post is kinda a rambling mess.  Better quit while I’m ahead.

~ Steve

Journal Entry for Jul 25, 2014 July 25, 2014

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So far the only thing I can’t do in Firefox is post new messages to this blog, and I haven’t a clue why yet.  Seems like a common problem but all the solutions don’t work.  I’ll get it sooner or later.

Good thing?  I’m able to SL and write AT THE SAME TIME!!  Very little lost in the process.

Other good things?  Polished the sink, swept and mopped the floors, emptied the dishwasher, swish and swiped the bathroom, and worked out a method for cleaning all the microfiber things that need cleaning.  Still have to test that though.

Not too much to complain about today.  Just a good day all round.

I am a touch hungry though.



~ Steve

Journal Entry for Jul 24, 2014 July 24, 2014

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On the good side, I went on a run with 6 members of the Detroit Running Meetup and had a great time.  We ran right through the center of the city.  Well, between Comerica Park and Lions stadium, any way.

On the not so good side, my ex was admitted again for 72 hours observation.  Apparently abusing her pills and alcohol.  She never did that when I was with her.  She’s been in about 6 times so far, and this is the first time where I don’t have to be the one in charge.  Feels … I don’t know how it feels.  It certainly explains her behavior on Facebook.

Late and time for bed.

~ Steve