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So anyway… September 1, 2009

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seed-podI’m dreaming that there’s, like, this seed bath thing, see?   And there’s like all these different pods floating in a tub full of water and enzymes and some other advanced chemicals.

So what you do is you add something to the bath to make the pods germinate.  You’re never quite sure what you’re going to get.   If you add a strawberry some kind of weird plant emerges.  If you add a piece of beef you get a different kind of weird plant.  They harvest the plant and sometimes use the plant as a catalyst for the next batch.

So there’s this jackpot billboard with a picture of this chick holding a bunch of money, you know, like a casino ad or a lottery thing.  So someone has an idea of  like, hey, what would happen if we used five twenty dollar bills as a catalyst.

Cut scene.  A human being comes out.

So the plants that come out of the catalyst never live more than a few days, and so it is with the human being.  He ages rapidly until he reaches the age of maturity (weird looking kid, by the way), and then he just kinda crumbles apart.

Okay, so that was my dream right?  And I don’t really care what it means.  I’m just fascinated.  Where the hell does the brain come up with this shit?

I mean, if you lock me in a room with a typewriter and told me to generate stories for a million years, I’m pretty sure that NOTHING I write would come even close to that in terms of cinematic content.

That was a seriously cool dream!

There are those who speculate that our dream worlds are actually the result of our brains contacting parallel universes at the quantum level.  In other words, we aren’t really making up all these images; we are in some way reporting on the actions of ourselves in an alternate version of reality.  This sounds very dodgy to me, but in some ways it makes more sense to suppose that than to think that my brain could, on its own, come up with something that weird.

seed-podSo anyway, that’s it.  I just wanted to get it down.  I’ll talk about my waking dream of God propagating from one parallel universe to another using dreams as conduits.  Maybe I will.  More likely I’ll forget the whole thing.

Weird.  Just…weird.

(No chemical substances were harmed in the making of this post).