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Did This Post Exist One Second Ago? February 13, 2009

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Largely irrelevant but cool picture

Largely irrelevant but cool picture

Fever persists.  So do weird thoughts.

Wondering about a quantum God.  A God that both exists and does not exist at the same time.

Why do I wonder?  Because I can.  I am a radical agnostic.  I refused to disbelieve God because He is just too much fun to think about.

Let’s take God’s existence out of the equation.  Let us just theorize…Is it possible for God to exist, given what we know of the reality of the universe, or the multiverse, or, as Douglas Adams called it, the “Whole General Mish-Mash”.

Answer:  how the hell should I know?

I’m pretty sure this is the correct answer.

Let us hypothesize.  Let’s take some ideas from my (Pregenesis).  Let us assume that, if life exists in the universe, then that life will tend to evolve until it either dies out, reaches a steady state, or continues to evolve until it no longer has any advantage to evolving further.  In a universe filled with chaos, where uncertainty is the only provable constant, the only state in which there is no advantage to further information/evolution is the state of maximum perfection.  Call this state God.

Following this line of reasoning, all we can say is that God WILL exist (this is all hypotheses, which means don’t argue with me….I KNOW there are probably holes in the reasoning.).  The next question is, is our God capable of traveling the time line  Does He only exist in the moment on the expanding sphere of the hyperbubble that is our universe, or can He exist in the past as well  Is He then capable of affecting initial conditions?

The correct answer to this question is: Beats the shit out of me.  I haven’t a freakin’ clue.

So we throw some probability and statistics in, and we add quantum theory just for funsies.

Answer: God either exists now or He doesn’t exist now.  Absolute uncertainty.  Using quantum rules, He might be said to both exist and not exist simultaneously, and won’t resolve into a determined state until I die and he tosses me into Hell for daring to ask these kind of questions.

Now, I’m not talking a biblical God.  I usually throw out the Bible for these kind of questions, because I consider the Bible to be totally irrelevant toward God’s actual existence.

Next, I have to talk about God’s gender.  The English language does not possess a suitable gender neutral pronoun.  I could use “it”, but that word seems disrespectful.  The Biblical God is a He all the way through in the Bible’s original language.  So, for this argument let’s pull the Bible back in.  I refuse to do all kinds of linguistic gymnastics trying to stay gender neutral.  I’m far too lazy for that, and I truly couldn’t care less.  So He it is.

But He implies a She…otherwise, why bother?  Most gods are shes.  Makes more sense that way.  But He was the way it was written, and He did have that thing with Mary supposedly.  Unknown + woman = child.  You fill in the blank.

And I capitalize both He and God because I’m talking about the supreme being and the rules of English require that I do so.  I’m just trying to avoid a lot of meaningless arguments on meaningless points by putting down my meaningless arguments now and saying that I’m not going to listen to you if you have a contrary meaningless arguments.  You’re might be right as hell and your arguments may not be meaningless at all.  Guess what?  I’m still not going to listen.

Now, did this post actually exist before you saw any evidence of its existence?  Was this post in a quantum indeterminate state up until that moment?  *I* know I posted it.  How freaking important are YOU in this equation?

I guess that’s not my problem.  You sort that one out.

I have the feeling I’m going to have more weird dreams tonight.

Love and hugs and, like, whatever.



La February 12, 2009

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omfg, what a night. Weird dreams. Dreams about the note “la”. La is the most mysterious note. All we know about it is that it’s a note to follow So.

And the entire Do Re Mi scale is screwed up, if you ask me. No one ever talks about a Re sharp or a Mi natural. And what about the notes on the upper scale. “That brings us back to Do”. So there are two “Do”s. How do we distinguish between them when we’re talking about them. Is one of them, like, do prime? High do? Do Re Mi takes the entire musical scale and grossly over-simplified.

Are C sharp and D flat the same note?  What if a composer wanted to use the tone between C and C sharp?  There is one, you know.  How would he write it down?  There are literally an infinite number of notes that are not accounted for in our limited musical world view.

Is there really pasta in tapioca pudding, or is someone just screwing with me?

Why is it when I have dreams when I’m sick that I dream about information come at me in high speed.  Words coming at me so fast that I can’t understand what they are.  Are the sounds just gibberish, or, if I were to slow down the words, would there really be a message there?  What would the message say? Maybe it’s, like, God or aliens trying to communicate with me, but they have our relative time systems wrong.  What if the cure for cancer was being beamed into our heads all the time but at a speed far too quick for us to follow.

Maybe I’m just delirious.  That seems far more likely.

The neighbor as the word “la” leaning up against the side of his house?  What is he trying to tell us?  The word is lower case, so I don’t think he’s talking about Los Angeles.  We know NOTHING about la, except that it’s the note to follow so.  Is he making a statement about the meaninglessness of the abstract?  The neighbor never really struck me as someone who thinks that deeply.  Or indeed at all.  Why is that word there?

Random drivel.  I really think I mastered it with this post.

I think I’m going to take some more cold medicine now.



Validation February 10, 2009

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This film is simply awesome. It is 16 minutes long, and worth ever second of it.



The Storyteller, Part II February 3, 2009

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storyteller_8286_image1_lWell, I decided to put out another request for topics.  People have seen my writing style now, and should have a reasonable idea of what they might expect.  I hope to break this expectation by being totally weird, but if your expecting weird, I’m not sure what I can do.  I just can’t really “do” normal.  It’s not in me.  Everything I wrote last time had some science fiction or fantasy element to it.  I like playing “what if” games, and that’s just the way the stories come out.  Maybe I’ll try writing straight fiction as a challenge to myself.  Maybe I won’t.

So, bring on the topics.  Outlandish and impossible topics are my specialty.  I’m not sure what order I will deliver the finished writing products, or how long delivery will take.  But deliver I will.  I really enjoyed the challenge that some of the topics brought me last time.

So, give me a hand and give me some ideas.  I thank you for your support.

Alphonsus / Steve

Sleeping through Random Drivel February 2, 2009

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sleep-chairThere is a possibility that things went badly yesterday.  I’m not sure yet.

Yesterday, according to rumor, was Superbowl Sunday.  I was invited to a Superbowl party and didn’t go.  Basically I chickened out.  Felt like too much work, and too much pressure.

Why did it feel like this?  I know it probably would have been fun, but, well, who knows?

It actually got warm today.  Warm enough for some of the snow to melt.  The kids next door built a huge snowman.  I got the snowblower out and did what I could with the driveway.

I fell asleep in my computer chair last night.  Not a good thing, really.  I was trying to log out of SL and never quite pressed the little x.

Everywhere I turn lately, I’ve been running into God people and God questions.  God has been a phylosophical play thing in my mind since high shool.  I’m a militant agnostic, but I can act as if I believe just as easily as I can act that I don’t.  Other people can’t do this.  I sympathize, but I’m not there.  I can’t endorse the unknown quite so easily.

…Sigh.  I fell asleep in the computer chair again.  Princess rescued me when I awoke.  I guess there’s no great difference between laying down and sitting up in terms of my stamina at writing posts or anything else.

So, I guess I have to start my writing sooner.

Hugs everyone.  It’s off to work I go.


I Think I’m Up… February 1, 2009

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…and that means I have to make the bed.   That’ll wait a bit, I suppose.

The Spice Girls

The Spice Girls

I’ve re-posted my Perfect World poem in my Written Word blog, meaning I have no big intentions of writing any original content today.  I’ve also changed the Written Word blog’s theme back to a wider format.  The other theme was warmer, this this is a bit starker, but may be more readable.  Let me know what you think.

I had a very nice time at PHC last night.  Nice conversation, and lots of nice people there.  Too bad we had to leave to go shopping.  It was a big list and a confusing experience.  Both Princess and I survived it.

I put Peck’s Steampunk Skybox up for sale on XStreet.  I really need an in-world store for selling this stuff.  I’m wondering if Alphatest would rent me some of her land for commercial purposes?  I plan to put out a bunch of rezzers so you can see my stuff in toto without using too many prims.  I will, however, have to build a rezzer because I’m too cheap to buy one.  The skybox is the largest single item I’ve ever tried to sell, extending 37 meters from end to end, so it eats up a bit of space.  I might make a smaller one, but then again I might not.  People would expect to pay less for a smaller one.  Odd how psychology works that way.  It would have exactly one less prim and be more work to create, but they would expect it to cost less.  Silly wabbits.

Today is Superbowl Sunday.  I usually ignore this day.  If I watch the game it would mainly be for the commercials.  We’ve been invited to a Superbowl party in TAW.  Not sure yet, though.  It sounds fun in theory.

So this is a bit of a rambling post.  Not a lot of deep content nor purple prosish-type verbiage.  Deal with it.  I think it needs a picture to spice it up.  I’m gonna dig now and find something completely unrelated just because I can.

Make love, not olive loaf.